Humanora token is a 100% natural token that strives for a natural medicine for animals like pets and humans. The fact is that the treatments are with heavy opiates and unnatural medications. We want to find a natural source for everything that connects our genes with nature. The fact that it would take some time without the token, however in time we would want to release anything that humans and pets can relay to. That isn't a dangerous thing to have in mind. ID:3P5FkovXv2Ew4iL841dpKKXJTVZXBwBUdF7

Humanora asset ID:D8oRkBsqG7vi2rRZtF27ZJrg9NefRQiTfQv5upwfh7JX

On the waves platform

As we speak people suffers of dangerous diseases that we cannot cure and however if there is a solution, we on humanora token will and want to help in all causes.

The very right thing is to keep the token in balance becuase it is a good solution for better thinking. A fact is that medicines need to be spoken of. That fact takes us to hemp and other herbs that could be a solution for many people world over.

But humanora isn't ALP coin, and we have to find other solutions than just known herbs and plants.

However that does not mean such a things that we are banning anything that is 100% natural.


Price on DEX in USD $ 0.01

Price on DEX in WAVES WAVES 0.00013

Cap $ 10,000.00