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Alphabet X


Hello this is a help pool and a webpage for Alphabet X, We are alegimit organisation that have formed online and will help to legalize hemp as 100% natural solution and a medicine. However it is needed for so many patients and legal uses, and has been used trough many 100.000 years of illnessess among people. Follow us on slack or facebook. donate to make it happen! However we have started a cryptocurrency contract and it can be viewed at


This is our adress but it isn't linked so it can be pasted to etherscan's search icon:53ca7601c93850c99129a2199666b681a4e2a238

We will take donations to rebuild a webpage and until that we are under this webpage.

We have launched a token at waves platform. That we named Humanora, Humanora is a token that strives for 100% natural medicines, for human consumption and for animals. The goal is to use a little as possible of chemicals. Humanora asset ID:D8oRkBsqG7vi2rRZtF27ZJrg9NefRQiTfQv5upwfh7JX 

Issuer :3P5FkovXv2Ew4iL841dpKKXJTVZXBwBUdF7


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